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A unique departure from the ordinary, we welcome you home

For reservations, comments and suggestions please contact us either by email or by phone.

Your comments and suggestions are always appreciated.

HyeLandz Eco Village Resort is a wonderful resort in the small village of Geghadir, situated on Yerevan-Garni-Geghard highway 15 km southeast of Yerevan, only 25 minutes drive from the city. The distance between Zvartnots Airport and Geghadir is 25 km. You can get to Garni and Geghard still in a shorter time from Geghadir, in 10 and 20 minutes correspondingly. Azat river runs all along the way to these historical sites.

Mailing Address: 

3rd house, 6th Str., v. Geghadir, Kotayk Marz, Armenia

Business Hours: 

10:00am - 10:00pm


+374-98-333-322 Office & Reservation

+374-98-333-399 Marketing Department


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Driving directions: Drive to Massiv (follow the signs to Garni-Geghard), continue on to Jrvej and on towards the mountains. The street curves to the right as you drive up to the mountains. Drive straight and pass Voghjaberd village, until you see the “Geghadir” sign. Take the first street (Street II) to the right after the sign. Follow the green fence to your left all the way down to the end and then left through the green gates of HyeLandz Eco Village Resort.

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