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Delicious Cuisine in an Exquisite Atmosphere

HyeLandz large banquet hall with its exquisite atmosphere is the ideal setting for your special event, be it your birthday, baptism or engagement celebration, a corporate party or the wedding of your dreams. Be a part of a fairy-tale by celebrating your event in our banquet hall.


The venue includes indoor and outdoor facilities, which together with our gardens, panoramic views over Geghadir village and unparalleled service will make any event incredibly unique and special. From your first visit until your event day we will provide a professional, first class service to you and your guests.


Food is the most important part of any event and at HyeLandz we have the finest Mediterranean, Armenian and Lebanese dishes prepared by our talented chef. From breakfast meetings and lunch breaks to wedding celebrations our culinary team will serve you and your guests a meal that will delight the senses. We offer a wide variety of menu options to suit your needs and tastes.

The large spectrum of our special event services include:

* Designer and event planning referral 

On-site ceremony arrangement

* Cocktail reception

* Lavash baking event

* Lighting decorations with or without designers

* Floral decoration and referral

* Band or DJ

* Armenian folklore dancers to make your event more fun

* Photography and video services

* Any other requests to make your ceremony more fun and exciting

To make your wedding or any special event more memorable and fun you can stay overnight or even longer at HyeLandz.  Meet up in our beautiful restaurant for dinner, have brunch the following day, play games during your free time or visit the nearby famous places of interest like Garni temple and Geghard monastery. There are 18 comfortable rooms, some with stunning views and very luxurious.



* You can pre-book your lunch, dinner or special event by calling HyeLandz on +37498 333322.

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